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Podstawy drogowe

Traffic sign base


NICROBASE TM traffic sign bases by Nicromet® are stable and robust elements that replace concrete weights, sandbags or rims.

They are perfect for vertical traffic signs for temporary or permanent traffic management or to separate parts of the road for the duration of works.

They are equipped with universal mounting holes adjusted to the most frequently used signs, and their modular combinability significantly increases the range of applications.

It's not just aluminum that gets a second chance

Key features

Modułowe podstawy drogowe
  • modular design, simple solution that does not require special fasteners or gluing – option to join several bases together for increased weight and stability,
  • PVC recycled material,
  • no movement on the road/chosen location,
Wytrzymałe podstawy drogowe
  • multi-level solution (stacking),
  • high mechanical and wear resistance, long service life,
  • they increase road safety,
  • safe for cars on the road – resistant to high pressures when ran over by a car.
Uniwersalne podstawy drogowe
  • universal mounting holes,
  • quick and easy mounting, requires no special preparation of the surface.
Wytrzymałe podstawy drogowe
  • UV and frost resistant,
  • no need to load the bases with additional weight, e.g. sandbags.
Pionowe oznakowanie drogowe

Durable material


PVC material used for
the NICROBASE TM traffic sign bases
provides impact and weather resistance.

Modern manufacturing floor, meticulous quality control and qualified personnel allow us to supply high-quality products,
a and thanks to the investments we make
we optimise our processes, to increase our competitiveness and meet the growing demands of our customers.

Types of (traffic sign) bases

Podstawa drogowa mała

SMALL base


440x720x120 mm
20 kg
40 pcs/pallet

Podstawa drogowa duża

LARGE base


440x880x120 mm
30 kg
30 pcs/pallet


Nicromet ® is a Polish company that has been operating in the recycling industry for over 30 years. It specialises mainly in the manufacturing of casting alloys for aluminium foundries throughout Europe.

It also transports aluminium alloys in liquid form directly to the casting machines in the customer’s factory.

In a constantly progressive phase of development, Nicromet® has, in recent years, opened a separate branch dedicated to the manufacturing of NICROBASE bases intended for, among others, traffic signs.

It is important for us that the offer of our bases enables establishing permanent cooperation with the biggest Polish and foreign companies creating joint ventures aiming at the improvement of safety on our roads.

200000 t

Annual production capacity of all Nicromet plants

19 ha

Surface area of all Nicromet plants

400 persons

 Employees across all Nicromet sites



Gwarancja jakości

Product of the highest class


We are aware that our values and willingness to act, translate not only into our success, but also that of our clients.

The most important thing is to provide products of the highest quality, which are the result of an efficient manufacturing system.

This is why our control process is complex and does not tolerate mistakes at any stage.

We focus on continuous development to ensure that the number of successfully completed projects and satisfied customers grows every year.

Najwyższa jakość w zgodzie z naturą

The highest quality in harmony with nature


We are a mature company that believes in responsible recycling practices.

We know perfectly well that long-term success is only possible when a company operates in harmony with nature and the environment.

For this reason, we are constantly modernising our manufacturing facilities, reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

Environmental protection is very important to us and has become an integral part of our company strategy.

Universal application

Oznakowanie drogowe

Separeting the off-road area along the roadway, and marking the path of vehicles

Oznakowanie drogowe

Marking of a narrowed traffic lane, e.g. during renovation, delineation of the roadway edge, change of traffic organization

Oznakowanie drogowe

Maintain large-scale signs for information boards, temporary fencing

Pionowe oznakowanie drogowe

Signs along roads, highways, railroads, airports

Oznakowanie drogowe

Designating no-traffic zones in parking lots

Zabezpieczenia terenu

Protection of construction or events – openwork fence

Rozdzielenie pasów ruchu

Dividing the road into traffic lanes


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